Build services that require a regulatory license
without the need to be a regulated entity.

We specialize in making business and finance regulation Easy with over 10 years of service with regulators.

EASY PAYMENT AND FINANCE, E.P., S.A. is a Payment Entity regulated by the Bank of Spain. Registration number: 6849.

How does it work?

• Easy handles clients’ regulatory requirements as a Payment Entity

• Easy provides IBANs accounts, manages custody and safeguarding of funds.

What can we do?

Payment accounts ("light" banking)

Direct debit of public services in the payment account SEPA SDD (ACH)

Issuance of prepaid and debit cards

National and international money transfers for natural or legal persons


Currency exchange

Freedom to establish business within the EU under original license. Passported to all 27 EEA member countries

Access “Regulation as a Service” through EASY to facilitate financial services for your clients.

Call us, write us or come to visit us, we are at your disposal.

We have a payment infrastructure tailored to our client’s needs.