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A trusted payment institution

As a regulated Payment Entity, Easy Payment and Finance is constantly exploring new opportunities, seeking to position itself as a leader in innovation within the payment financial services industry.

We are confident in the strength of our brand after +12 years of continuous growth, following a variety of lines of business including:

Payments for natural & legal persons

Enjoy our entire range of simple and convenient payments services at the national and international level, with maximum security and speed.

• International bank transfers via SWIFT
• SEPA Standard transfers
• SEPA Instant transfers

Unique IBANs with payment accounts

Easy provides payment accounts with our own IBANs, providing unique identification to each account, allowing you to issue and receive payments as well as check balances and transfers. This includes:

  • SEPA and SEPA Instant transfers
  • Transfers between client accounts
  • Payment cards

Issuance of payment instruments

Easy assists client´s to create and issue payment instruments for their end users. Payment instruments are tools such as bankcards, digital wallets and more that allow the initiation and processing of payment operations.

Acquisition of means of payment

Easy helps client´s acquisition activity through the acceptance of a variety of payment operations including:

  • Buyers
  • Payment gateways
  • Services to shops or merchants

Payment initiation
PISP (coming soon)

Give your users access to immediate transfers of funds through Easy’ payment initiation services. Through this service, means of payment such as credit cards or bank accounts are unnecessary, allowing you to act as a bridge between merchants and customers.

AISP (coming Soon)

Easy allows our business client´s to compile financial information about their end users in order to provide data-enriched services.


Easy provides money remittance services to South America, offering you with a professional and highly reliable way of sending your money safely and securely.

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