What is a payment entity?

A Payment Institution (EP) is a type of financial entity authorized to carry out a series of transactions previously only allowed to banks. “Quasi Bank” concept: A company with a Payment Institution License, is authorized to carry out the following types of financial transactions:

Payment accounts


We provide our clients with a unique and personal payment account. From a payment account our clients can make: Deposits · Request national and international transfers · Remittances · Transfer balance to the prepaid card · Check your movements and balances.

Direct Debits in payment account


You will be able to apply in your account the receipts of various services, such as: mobile phone consumption, electric power, gas, or any other.



You can request national or international transfers from the same EASY platform. In order to enable this service, it is a “sine-qua non” requirement to be registered as a client with a “payment account”.



Send money to Brazil from your payment account. Or you can contact our call center.  We guarantee same day deposit..

Pre-paid & Debit Cards Issuance


Same for the transfer service, you can only access a pre-paid card once you have registered a payment account. The cards will be only and exclusively pre-paid rechargeable according to the conditions specified in the contract.



EASY as Payment Entity can obtain authorization to grant consumer credits.  At this time we are not pursuing such line of business.

 EU Passport to provide services:


As a Payment Institution, Easy, through the Bank of Spain, was granted extension of its License to operate in 21 countries of the European Union.