Berlin Gay Pride (CSD) and help guide to the very best events

It’s Berlin Gay Pride Time! Therefore we have actually the locate of the many appropriate and enjoyable festivals, activities and parties that surround it this season. Take pleasure in the “Berlin Gay Pride (CSD) and help guide towards the parties” that is best!

There’s no concern that Berlin is among the friendliest cities that are LGBTQ European countries. And also this the Berlin Gay Pride celebrations will be even more especial year! The marriage that is same-sex has simply been approved earlier this June, round the date associated with historic Stonewall riots in ny.

The parties begin one week-end prior to the Pride that is official date. In the fifteenth and sixteenth of July, the 25th version for the Lebisch und Schwulles Stadtfest, also called Motzfest, takes the location around Nollendorfplatz.

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