Cow/Calf Working Expenses

Although beef production is just an enterprise that is common the U.S., profitability is unquestionably maybe not fully guaranteed. Kansas Farm Management Association (KFMA) data (2015) suggests normal variable expense per cow of $833 per cow with a positive change as a whole cost between your high- and low-profit category manufacturers of around $346 per cow in 2015 (Figure 1). The southwest Standardized Performance research (SPA) data for 2009-13 programs a typical raised/purchased feed cost of $200 per cow and grazing price of $107 per cow, with total cost that is financialincludes operating and fixed costs) of $705 per cow (Bevers, personal interaction, January 15, 2015). This data that are southwest while primarily representing herds in Texas, comes with Oklahoma and brand New Mexico information. University of Minnesota FINBIN data (2015) shows total direct and overhead costs for cow/calf operations of $730 per cow. Table 3 shows the working price presumptions utilized in this analysis, that are produced by Oklahoma State University (OSU) 2016 enterprise budget pc computer software (agecon. Cash work expenses are excluded as it’s assumed to be supplied by the farm household being a startup share; interest shall be calculated with income. Expenses related to managing the land base, whether land is rented or purchased, are significant.

Manufacturing presumptions are placed in dining Table 4. Future calf and cull animal costs are essential in determining the profitability associated with enterprise. Dining Table 5 shows projected calf and cull rates situated in part regarding the long haul standard projections because of the Food and Agricultural Policy analysis Institute (Peel).

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