Bride-and-Seek ( The Missing Bride) – An Urban Legend additionally the Origins of a Ghost Bride

Carl Lyttle/Getty Pictures

Urban Legends

After having a luxurious wedding in a stately mansion, users of the main wedding party play a casino game of hide-and-seek. It’s not well before most people are discovered. Every person, that is, except the bride. This metropolitan legend is also called “The Lost Bride,” “Bride-and-Go-Seek,” “Ginevra,” “The Mistletoe Bough,” “The Mistletoe Bride,” “The Bride into the Oak Chest,” “The Bride within the Trunk.”

Bride-and-Seek Tale – Example 1

As told through an audience:

A young girl had been planning to get hitched, and she decided she wished to keep the wedding in the garden regarding the big farmhouse where she was raised. It absolutely was a wedding that is beautiful and every thing went perfectly.

Later, the visitors played some party that is casual, and some body recommended hide-and-seek so they really could easily get the youngsters to relax and play too. It mightn’t be difficult to get an accepted destination to cover up throughout the house.

The groom had been “it,” plus the bride desired to make sure she won the overall game. Whenever no body had been searching, she slipped in the home. She ran as much as the loft, discovered a classic trunk and hid inside it.

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