Who are we?

“Easy Payment & Finance” is a financial Payment Institution authorized to carry out a number of transactions that only banks could carry out in the past. Easy has over 10 years of experience handling the needs of private individuals and international businesses.

We have joined the neobank ecosystem to challenge conventional banking. At Easy-EP you can open a payment account, for individual or business needs, remotely, with a standard set of documents. Simple and convenient.

What makes us different?

Easy’s more than 10 years of experience provides clients with excellence. On top of that, Easy is one of the few payment entities in the EU that provides access to SEPA instant payments. Our high-speed and cost-effectiveness is the foundation of our prominent position in the finance industry, where Easy transactions take 7 seconds—not days.

What can we do?

Easy-EP corporate account:

  • International money operations, such as SWIFT, SEPA standard and SEPA Instant with a unique European IBAN.
  • Visa cards for efficient corporate funds management.
  • An app for activity overview and complete control over funds 24/7.

Easy-EP personal account:

  • International transactions with a unique European IBAN.
  • Foreign exchange operations.
  • Visa card for fast and simple payments and ATM withdrawals wherever you are.
  • An app for activity overview and complete control over your money 24/7.

2009 Remittances

EASY Remittance SAU

Constitution and License from the Bank of Spain Remittances Currency exchange
2009 Remittances

2012 EP

EASY Payment and Finance, EP, SAU

Payment Entity License

Bank of Spain

Issuance of Payments and Payment Instruments

Acquisition of instant payment


2012 EP

2019 PSD2


Obtained approval and reclassification to PSD2 regulation

2019 PSD2


Bank of Lituania – Centrolink

Regulatory approval obtained

Spanish origin IBANs

Issuance of IBANs

SEPA Standard

MasterCard – Affiliate Membership




SEPA Instant

VISA Card – Principal Membership



These are some of our customers

Call us, write us or come to visit us, we are at your disposal.

We have a payment infrastructure tailored to our client’s needs.